About us and our ethics 

With nearly twenty five years in the trade, experiencing upvc double glazing in it's infancy in the UK. Watching the industry improve and modernise one step at a time.  Seeing the conservatory, become affordable to everybody. Pretty much what we don't know about upvc windows, isn't worth knowing. We believe in keeping our business here in Hull, as we feel local companies provide a much higher standard of service and reliability, so we don't use large out of town factories, where you become just another number.It was our goal long ago to seek out experienced manufacturers and develop a personal and trustworthy relationship with them. So now all our roofs, frames and glass are made in Hull, and have been supplied to us for many years by long established firms all of which provide us with quality products and give us excellent support.       

Customer satisfaction comes first on our list, without customers a business is nothing. That's why we try our hardest to make you happy, we want you to recommend us. We don't employ salesmen, so you won't get any high pressure tactics. No ridiculous inflated quote to start with, and then reduce it by 50% after you gasp at the figure. We don't pretent to ring the office and tell you "the boss said because it's thursday and it's the 17th of the month, if you sign up in the next 24 seconds we'll give you another 20% discount". We'll listen to what you want, and maybe give you some help if you need it, then we''ll give you a sensible fixed quote, and let you decide whether to give us a try, that's it job done. We won't try to confuse you with jargon, we speak just plain English. We won't try to fob you off with something you don't need, only give you good advice on what you do need. Your quotation won't be on the back of a cigarette packet or a quick phone, if it's a conservatory it will be in a detailed folder explaining exactly what you are getting, plus will also have some information in there on how it's constructed. You're investing in you're property, we want you to feel it was worth spending you're hard earned cash, and to enjoy the finished product.

After being in this industry for so long, and hearing about bodge jobs and cowboys. Seeing these poor quality installations for myself and being so frustrated about my trade getting a bad name. I feel that every customer should get good value for their money, times are hard at the moment and your money should be well spent.


                                                                                  Richard Mummery.  


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